We run charity hotels at Kanyakumari and other talukas of it, where a nutritious and hygienic meal is provided free of cost to the ones don’t have adequate or regular access to it.

Our dress bank is a collection and distribution centre which is available at every charity hotel run by us to provide clean and wearable clothes to the people deprived of it.

We engage in various programmes of planting, regeneration of trees and developing of a sustainable ecosystem for the local communities.

About Us

SiddhaBhoomi Trust envisions transforming Kanyakumari into a ‘Siddha Bhoomi’ (Miracle Land) and making it an exemplary district of India, with the support of the Shaniswaran Temple in Kanyakumari.



Siddhabhoomi Prilgrim centre

Pilgrim centre

SiddhaBhoomi Trust has established a pilgrim centre to provide clean and hygienic accommodation (both room and dormitory) along with food and conveyance facilities to serve the pilgrims from around the globe.

Sidhabhoomi Vanaprastha Ashram

Vanaprastha Ashram

The village is planned and developed by us, keeping in mind the principle of co-existence. The main idea is to build and re-establish the authentic coexistence between human and nature that has been forgotten by us.

Sidhabhoomi Medicine

Indigenous Medicine

Indigenous medicines and traditional methods of treatment with modernised techniques and knowledge will be used to develop a global healthcare education system in this medical university.

Siddhabhoomi Astrology

Ancient Astrology

Under SiddhaBhoomi Trust, the Sanskrit and Tamil University will be established, where education in astrology and worshipping will be given to the students from around the world. By using the age-old traditions, values and methods, a widespread education will be given.

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