Turning hopes into smiles


Food donation is considered to be the most important kind of donation in Indian culture. Preparing hygienic and nutritious food and feeding the hungry is considered to be the most virtuous kind of charity. In India, there are lakhs of people who sleep empty stomach every day or don’t get enough food. Therefore, to overcome this situation, we have our Annadanam programme.

Free food for all


Clothes are the most essential part of human life. During the winters, it keeps us warm from chilly winds and dropping temperature, and in summers, it protects us from the scorching heat. In India, every year, thousands of people die just because of the lack of proper clothing during severe weather conditions. Cloth donation is deeply satisfying, as giving away clothes to the poverty-stricken is considered a noble gesture in Indian culture.


Forest trees are the most important part of our eco-system, because of rapid industrialization and modernization; these century-old trees are being cut. It is the most essential part of the human race, making it imperative for us to protect and regenerate our forests. By planting trees, we can create a healthier climate, protect biodiversity and help in maintaining the quality of the soil.