Food donation is considered to be the most important kind of donation in Indian culture. Preparing hygienic and nutritious food and feeding the hungry is considered to be the most virtuous kind of charity. In India, there are lakhs of people who sleep empty stomach every day or don’t get enough food. Therefore, to overcome this situation, we have our Annadanam programme.

Under the Annadanam programme, we run charity hotels at Kanyakumari and other talukas of it, where a nutritious and hygienic meal is provided free of cost to the ones don’t have adequate or regular access to it. Here, anyone can have food and donate as per their wish. Free distribution of 1000 plates of rice is undertaken every day for the underprivileged section of the society. We also have a free mobile food distribution network in certain areas to serve free food to the needy. The supplies of these hotels are purchased from the local sellers their by empowering the entire community. We are constantly working towards extending this service to other major cities of India too.