Distributed Woolen Cloths and Blankets

Distributed Woolen Cloths and Blankets

There are people who have enough dresses to wear and there are people who have nothing good to wear. Most of the time people like us do not think another way around. We do not realize if we spread our hand towards those unprivileged people, we can make their life a little easy.

In 2014 Siddhabhoomi Trust and Sidhabhoomi volunteers are providing blankets and arranging for woolen clothes to give warmth to street-dwellers. Our goal at Siddhabhoomi trust is to protect the Street dwellers in the roads as we have identified as most at-risk during the winter season, so donating your old woolen clothes and blankets which are in a good state would bring warmth and content to those street dwellers on the road who are not able to afford to buy these things and help in saving lives of these people .




Siddhabhoomi  Trust keeping a watch on these Street dwellers needs as in the winter they were sleeping on the roads with bone-chilling cold and no blankets to cover their body, so a gesture of kindness from kind donors who had donated woolen clothes and blankets.


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